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Physical to Virtual Migration: A Guide for Businesses

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As businesses grow and technologies evolve, system migrations become inevitable. This is evident in the fact that businesses invest a lot of time and finances into migrating data and application to new platforms. Over the past few years, virtualization has become quite common among numerous organizations, transforming their existing technical infrastructure. Physical to Virtual Migration Hardware virtualization or P2V refers to the process of converting the physical server’s OS (Operating System), data, and applications to
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App Hosting Services: Are You Ready to Go Off-Site?

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Application hosting has gained a strong foothold in the cloud computing realm. It overcomes the challenges of scaling applications and provides secure, responsive and continuous application behavior. This, in turn, ensures organizational productivity and customers’ loyalty. Let’s look at some reasons why you should really consider investing in cloud application hosting services: Worldwide Access Users can access hosted applications from anywhere, at any time, since they’re accessed through the internet, instead of internal servers. This