Expedited Infrastructure cabling services with MHC DataComm Inc. for fully functional internal Telecommunications systems

Work with MHC Datacomm Technicians to supervise and complete your infrastructure cabling processes at cost effective rates and for expedited completion.

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Infrastructure Cabling

Setting up the groundwork for your telecommunications infrastructure is a rather delicate process. To ensure the integrity of your internal communications channels, it’s only an expert who can deliver on this job. MHC DataComm works with some of the most experienced electrical experts for effective infrastructure setups.
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Commscope Uniprise Installers

MHC DataComm is actually a Commscope Uniprise installer. As such, our work includes constructing cabling infrastructure that connects organizations spanning across large distances to a central mainframe which allows for data exchange across the vicinity. As Commscope Uniprise installers, we bring your organizations onto a common platform to unify the full entity to create a robust communications and data sharing platform.

Versatile Cabling Solutions

Our cabling services include the full range of cabling solutions offered by CommScope. This includes fiber and copper cabling solutions which we can use to connect various buildings to allow for free-flowing information sharing. Our technicians will lay the grounds for a cable network which will eliminate the obstructions to data management and exchanges that occur with mutually exclusive data systems. With our expertise, you can be certain that your organizations will enjoy greater coordination and faster correspondence.


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What Do We Offer?

MHC DataComm offers clients high quality infrastructure cabling services, along with maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure that your communications channels remain consistently functional. Our technicians are some of the best in the industry and will ensure that your organization continues meeting commercial goals without compromise.

Our services include:

  • Fiber and Copper cabling services to offer cost-effective, highly performance cabling solutions.
  • Fiber connectivity panel installations and cable network maintenance services.
  • Structured cabling solutions to connect disparate infrastructure and develop data exchange platforms.

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