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It is hard to imagine the existence of a business establishment, especially of large-scale enterprises, without their array of CCTV cameras. The rising rates of physical crime and the potential threats they pose to the overall business structure posits the need for CCTV surveillance systems to be installed in all key regions and routes, both indoors and outdoors. MHC Datacomm extends CCTV camera systems to enable businesses to monitor all physical activity and movement on premises, arming then with the means to secure and safeguard all possible physical intrusion and malicious activity.

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Experts who work with us are certified by the Wisenet Professional Certification Program, having accumulated adequate training and professional expertise to adeptly handle the security concerns of major and small-scale business organizations. Some of our major clients belong to the fields of hospitality, airports, educational institutions, healthcare establishments, government enterprises, industries, banks, corporate offices, commercial areas, and public spaces. Our goal is to enable you to strengthen your digital and physical security to the highest degrees and provide highly advanced technical and electrical solutions to ensure the same.

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Sandra Harris – President | Matt Harris – Vice President | Thomas Martin – Vice President Operations | Bobby Payne – Regional Manager Houston Area | Jeremy Huff – Regional Manager Colorado | Jesse Brenson – Director of Information Technology | Joey Kressman – Director of Managed IT Services | Jeff Longlois – Director, IT Services | Emily Denman - Office Manager