As a business grows and expands, it must comply with newer needs that range from the addition of more, better, larger machinery to the need for a greater number of circuits. Inspection, testing, and certification also become imperative, which is exactly what MHC DCE promises to deliver.

From adding circuits to a building to replacing existing circuits for increased power output, MHC DCE’s electrical systems task force specializes in providing scalable, long-term, and expert solutions to commercial avenues. The objective at MHC DCE is to always help businesses grow and succeed, especially wherein their growing needs demand increased power, a larger number of circuits, etc.

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Circuit Upgrades

Circuit upgrades are among some of our most sought services. From inspection to testing, the specialists at MHC DCE eliminate all possibility of an overload. We also offer circuit code compliance to help prevent future issues. We ensure a cost-effective and long-term circuit upgrade in the case of growing businesses.

Code Compliance

MHC DCE is well versed in the varying local codes and can help align your wiring with the required codes when your business moves to newer regions. Our service is usually delivered under a day’s time, and we can provide a free estimate if you request one. We also extend a helping hand to businesses that face citation issues at the hands of city inspectors, etc. By aligning your business with the local codes, we ensure that the way to success is smoother.
Contact us for integrity checks, surveys, thermographs, and written reports. Avoid penalties and optimize on suitable insurance rates. We diagnose, repair, troubleshoot, take thermographs, and install electric gates, circuit breakers, and more.

Integrated Multimedia Systems

To make sure that your Audio/Video systems can deliver a satisfying output, we optimize your AV systems to allow for greater accessibility and ease of use. With this integration you can access your AV systems through virtually any region in your offices and locations.

Regular Maintenance and Periodic Checks

AV systems are sensitive pieces of equipment that require thorough maintenance and regular checkups to eliminate the risk of maintenance. For many of our clients, malfunction costs far outweigh the costs of regular maintenance and we always offer the best possible maintenance services.
With comprehensive systems check to make sure that the integration holds, as well as to ensure that all individual components are performing at optimum levels, we guarantee that your equipment is safe in our hands.

Troubleshooting: This is the first step in our operations, and is essential in pinpointing the root causes of the problem. Our expertise gives us the ability to troubleshoot problems that are often overlooked by contractors.
Door Operator Maintenance: We repair malfunctioning operating doors, from checking calibration and tolerances to operator adjustment. We also provide regular servicing on contractual bases. Our regular maintenance services are key to keeping doors functioning smoothly and preventing operational losses or halts.
Gate Automation: Our experts determine whether your door requires repair or needs to be replaced. We specialize in repairing doors made by some of the major brands, and help replacing doors with units that have complementary weight capacities and duty cycles. From barrier to rolling, cantilever to swing, our experts have experience of working with a variety of doors.
Circuit Breakers: From replacing to repairing to troubleshooting the problems with circuit breakers, MHC DCE experts arrive with their well stocked vehicles and check for the following problems:
-Breakers that have a problem of turning off frequently
-Loss of power to a certain part of the building
-Un-tripped breakers
-Flickering lights
-Intermittently flickering lighting
-Hot/warm sockets
-Smoking wires

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Thermographs: Our thermographs help prevent maintenance problems that are hard to detect, and most of our reports are written on the basis of this technology. With the help of thermographs, we can detect overrated wiring, warm circuits, high resistance, and low integrity, among a host of other problems. Taking care of these issues ensures that your establishment is safe from the potential threat of catching fire, which is so often linked with personal, private, physical, and property damage. This process is carried out without affecting your equipment and without us affecting your line of production. With the help of thermographs, we can identify problems in switchgear cabinets, panels, fuses, motor controllers, terminations, and breakers; helping prevent potential threats of mechanical breakdown and fires.

MHC DCE covers a wide range of commercial electrical systems, providing solutions for:

-Power equipment
-Emergency lighting
-Check metering
-Fire alarms
-Access control
-Low voltage integrations

We cover a range of commercial avenues, among which some of our major clients belong these fields:

-Educational buildings
-Conference centers
-Shopping malls
-Communication facilities
-IT centers

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