Elite Commercial AV Installation services With MHC DataComm Inc.

Our technicians will rapidly install AV equipment to help deliver immersive, multimedia experiences to any who are present at your events and organizations.

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Commercial AV Installation

Audio-Visual installation requires specialists to make sure that all the systems are hooked-up in a way that allows you to deliver the best multimedia experience to your clientele. MHC DataComm presents our clients with access to some of the best AV technicians in the industry to deliver unforgettable media experiences for your organization and events.
Each of our team members has been handling AV equipment for years. We possess the knowledge and the insight that can take your multimedia installations to a whole new level of entertainment and integration.

Integrated Multimedia Systems

To make sure that your Audio/Video systems can deliver a satisfying output, we optimize your AV systems to allow for greater accessibility and ease of use. With this integration you can access your AV systems through virtually any region in your offices and locations.

Regular Maintenance and Periodic Checks

AV systems are sensitive pieces of equipment that require thorough maintenance and regular checkups to eliminate the risk of maintenance. For many of our clients, malfunction costs far outweigh the costs of regular maintenance and we always offer the best possible maintenance services.
With comprehensive systems check to make sure that the integration holds, as well as to ensure that all individual components are performing at optimum levels, we guarantee that your equipment is safe in our hands.

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What Do We Offer?

With MHC DataComm Inc. you get a full range of commercial AV installation and maintenance services, the likes of which you will not find elsewhere. We are already a specialist technical consultant for all corporate tech needs, including both hardware and software. To that end, our technicians have a full understanding of AV hardware and software to guarantee the best multimedia outputs possible.
Our services include:

  • Assessing the locations and available equipment to create a synergy between the environment and the hardware.
  • Periodic maintenance checks to eliminate the risk of malfunctions.
  • 24 hour remote technical support to answer all questions regarding your AV systems and supervisory services.

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