A-Grade Plant Facility and Alarm Systems to Ensure Strict Security Regulation Compliance

Industrial and manufacturing facilities are exposed to greater security risks than most other installations. MHC DataComm will install a wide range of security cameras across your installations to minimize the risk of external infiltration.

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Comprehensive Plant Security Systems

Considering our capabilities as infrastructure cabling specialists, MHC DataComm can install a wide network of plant security systems while minimizing costs and optimizing security coverage across plant installations. Our security experts and technical consultants will lay down a security framework that will be virtually undetectable and extremely effective.

Security Assessments

MHC DataComm works with a comprehensive team of security systems analysts and technical experts, who can develop a security network which will render your facilities near impregnable. We work with some of the best security equipment manufacturers to design airtight camera networks which will cast light on virtually every area constituting your facilities.

Security Camera Installations

Our security cameras offer a wide range of modalities and high quality imaging that will ensure that there are no blind spots in your security frameworks. With perfect vision at both day and night, your industrial plants have never been as secure as when MHC DataComm finishes our projects. As we incorporate our security cameras as part of your basic infrastructure, the succeeding construction can be carried out keeping in mind considerations which shall significantly enhance the efficacy of our systems.

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Why MHC DataComm Inc.?

MHC DataComm Inc. is an infrastructural development and technological consultancy with years of experience assisting in corporate/industrial infrastructure construction. We offer our clients a comprehensive set of tech consultancy services that incorporate all possible technical requirements for electrical, industrial and security systems for their premises. We work with leading OEMs to ensure that only the best components are included in the groundwork for your future industrial and corporate installations.
Our plant camera installation services are a natural extension of our work as infrastructure cabling and our security systems installation services. MHC DataComm works with teams of highly skilled technical experts who will conduct the following services in the process of ensuring that your facilities remain secure:

  • Site assessments to identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the facilities.
  • Security camera installation, augmented with a highly efficient cable network that will offer consistently effective performance.
  • Development of security centers that serve as the central security coordination points.
  • Regular maintenance and remote technical support to resolve queries as well as ensure continued security and plant infrastructure integrity.

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