Intrusion Detection Systems

Our Intrusion Detection Systems enable you to detect breaches of privacy in both the physical and logical arenas. Pivotal for the security and risk management of the business and organization, MHC Datacomm extends security services to intrusion detection systems. From monitoring who is accessing sensitive information without authentication, breaches of network privacy and restrictions, to suspicious activity and the general traffic being driven by the network, MHC Datacomm’s IDS alerts you automatically and instantly to the potential threat. Our objective is to safeguard your information and organization from being compromised. We help detect sinister attempts at the exploitation of computing systems and safeguards your systems from all potential threats of vulnerability.

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MHC Datacomm provides two kinds of IDS:

  • -Host based: software systems alerting networks upon detection of privacy policy breaches or threats of sinister activity
  • -Network based: software or hardware systems that engage in passive detection of network activity, distributed through a network medium, often with multiple network interfaces

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Protection against Hackers

In the wake of the recent hacking of confidential emails of major public and political figures, the security of one’s computing operations has become a looming issue. MHC Datacomm enables you to detect and intercept anomalies before they can cause damage, thereby disabling hackers from the get-go. Our IDS cover the hardware and software regions both, in order to provide more comprehensive intrusion detection. From inbound to outbound activity, all is duly monitored and constantly checked for anomalies or discrepancies that belie attempts at breaches.

Our range of services cover, among other particulars:

  • -Firewalls
  • -Encryption
  • -Routers
  • -Malwares
  • -Intrusion prevention

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