Eliminate the Need for Telephone Hardware with MHC DataComm’s Cloud Hosted PBX Solution

MHC DataComm implements leading cloud hosted PBX solutions to enhance internal correspondence with high quality AV virtual correspondence systems

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The Advantages of Cloud PBX Systems

Telephonic internal extensions were once the popular telephone systems at play. These were inefficient with respect to the voice quality and the sheer amount of hardware required to support these.

With VoIP systems, cloud-hosted PBX systems improved internal communications across multiple levels including the incorporation of multiple functionalities and improved communications quality.

MHC DataComm will implement Cloud PBX systems to improve upon existing communications throughout your organization.

What Cloud PBX Systems Do We Use?
MHC DataComm works exclusively with one of the best cloud PBX systems designers, with the authority to implement and maintain systems for consistently high quality services.
The systems offer the following functionalities:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Calls
  • Email
  • Voice-mail
  • Conference Calls
  • Call-Hold functionality
  • Call Bridging

Why Work With MHC DataComm.?

MHC DataComm works across a variety of organizational infrastructural components to develop fully fledged network, electrical, IT and security systems. With our work, we are one of the leading tech consultancies in the United States working with leading services providers in the economy.
Each of our technicians and consultants possesses a holistic understanding of organizational requirements, which contextualize each of their personal specializations. As such, we create better technological solutions that anyone else in the industry.

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What Do We Offer?

MHC DataComm. is an exclusive cloud hosting PBX service provider. Our PBX systems services involve providing thorough maintenance and installation capabilities that ensure a smooth transition onto Cloud Hosted PBX systems as well as maintenance across the entire chain of access points that will comprise your internal exchange. With our services, organizations gain access to consistently high performing communications systems that will allow for a smoother and effective flow of information across all areas of the corporation, including different departments and all levels of the corporate chain of command.
Our services include:

    • Maintaining and servicing legacy PBX Systems.
    • Implementing and maintaining cloud-hosted PBX systems.
    • Ensuring high quality services through effective database management and timely technical assistance for any unlikely malfunctions
    • Regular quality assurance testing and systems updates to develop consistently improving communications capabilities.

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