MHC DataComm Inc. doesn’t only work with software, our comprehensive tech services include hardware management as well.

MHC Datacomm Inc. technicians will reinstall and relocate your office hardware to rewire and reinstall them to resume full functionality.

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Office Moves and wiring

Organizations are entities which change and evolve overtime. In addition to this, your organizations are home to a plethora of IT hardware which can be rather difficult to relocate. MHC DataComm Inc. will take the responsibility of relocating and rewiring all of your office hardware to make sure that you can manage a seamless transition to your new spaces. Our technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your existing hardware frameworks and structures to recreate these at your new premises. We guarantee that your hardware placements and wiring will be better organized than before and maintain existing performance.

Maintaining Office Aesthetic and Functionality

Badly managed wiring and hardware can be the cause of much confusion and takes away much of the aesthetic appeal from your offices. We will make sure that the work we put in gives your new offices a professional and well organized look as it befits your organization.

Experienced Hardware Specialists

Office relocation can introduce many problems like hardware malfunctions, re-wiring errors and misplaced cables. Our teams, with their extensive experience in hardware management will resolve any and all risks or confusions that stem from your relocation activities. As you move to your new offices, you will find that your hardware and the associated infrastructure functions equally as well as it did before. With MHC DataComm Inc. experts at your service, you can rest assured that there will be no mismanagements and any resulting framework breakdowns resulting from it.

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What Do We Offer?

MHC DataComm Inc. offers its clients full-fledged office move and rewiring services to make sure that your transitions are completed without a hitch. Our teams are more than capable of working with the complex interconnectivity that go into the physical framework that forms the core of your internal networks.
Our services include:

  • Swift relocation and Rewiring project completion.
  • Periodic reassessments to ensure that no hardware malfunctions or breakdowns stem from rewiring or relocations errors.
  • Thorough evaluations of the optimal arrangements such organizational workflow is enhanced by virtue of the new arrangements in infrastructures.

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