App Hosting Services: Are You Ready to Go Off-Site?

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Application hosting has gained a strong foothold in the cloud computing realm. It overcomes the challenges of scaling applications and provides secure, responsive and continuous application behavior. This, in turn, ensures organizational productivity and customers’ loyalty.

Let’s look at some reasons why you should really consider investing in cloud application hosting services:

Worldwide Access

Users can access hosted applications from anywhere, at any time, since they’re accessed through the internet, instead of internal servers. This gives users the flexibility to access critical information and get work done while they’re on business trips or on-site, at customer locations. In some cases, these hosted applications can even be accessed through laptops, mobile devices or desktop computers.

Low costs and high ROI

Hosting your application on the cloud significantly reduces IT support and infrastructure costs. Since you’re not required to purchase and maintain your own servers in order to host your applications, you can save considerable investments through cloud application hosting services. Plus, you don’t need dedicated IT professionals to secure and maintain the storage and backup hardware. This cuts down on the overall setup costs of your application.

Additionally, cloud application hosting offers tons of cost advantages for deployment and maintenance of mission critical systems.

Therefore, the overall ROI is generally very high when applications are moved to the cloud. On top of that, it lowers:

  • Upfront capital investments
  • Utilization and power cost
  • Workforce cost

Scale on demand

When your business grows, so does the need for additional infrastructure. By hosting your application on the cloud, you can easily choose to increase or decrease the cloud capacity based on the evolving businesses requirements, without being restricted by the lack of access to expensive servers.

Working with the right cloud service provider can help your business make a seamless transition to new hardware and software—an opportunity for fast deployment around-the-clock! Needless to say, a cloud platform addresses your business needs now and for the future.

Enhanced reliability

There’s no platform as reliable as the cloud; once your app is deployed on a cloud app hosting platform, it can be rolled back to a previous version or specific snapshot in case of failure. This robust procedure is a great strategy for disaster recovery, plus, it eliminates the need—and not to mention the cost—to setup a duplicate center for recovery.

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